Healing properties

Shekvetili many areas on the Black Sea, in Shekvetili beaches are sandy, rather than covered in pebbles. The sand in Shekvetili is classified as black sand and has magnetic properties, which some believe treat a number of health problems, including cardiovascular diseases.

Many scientist have confirmed the unique medicinal and recreational properties of magnetic sand (N. Semenova 1948, A. Violov 1968, G. Blinkova 1969, A. Kogan 1971, G. Yakovleva 1973, G. Komarova 1971, Nakagava ...). For example, magnetic sand is effective for treating the following diseases:

Cirrhosis of the cardiovascular system (hypertensive disease I and II stages, chronic ischemic heart disease, postinfectious cardiosclerosis, myocardiodystrophy, heart palpitations…);

Rheumatic and infectious polyarthritis in chronic stages, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, osteochondropathy, dystrophic polyarthritis, chronic thrombophlebitis, posttraumatic rehabilitation;

Diseases of the nervous system (depression, neuromuscular hypertension, climatic neurosis, climacteric neurosis, neuritis, neuralgia…);

Children's diseases (rickets, spinal pares, maternal injuries…);

Peripheral vascular diseases;

Chronic urogenital diseases that cause infertility;

Diffuse goiter iodine insufficiency;

Coronary atherosclerosis I stage, atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis;

Allergic, purulent rash;

Psoriasis (different categories);

Alimentary Obesity;

Magnetic field deficiency syndrome. Oxygen-rich air is created by combining the mountain and sea air (the same process occurs with the help of unique features of pine forest in rainy weather).

Considering all this , “Iveria Elli” is the best place for relaxation and treatment!