Amusement park

Amusement park "Firefly"



  Amusement park "Firefly" is located in Guria Ozurgeti municipality, ordered in the seaside town of Kobuleti Ureki and the city.

  Amusement park visitors with its beauty and abundance of attractions surprises.

  Amusement park "Firefly" opened in 2006. Park of attractions for all ages and encourages the child entertains.

  Season of "Firefly" - was about 300 thousand people visited, most of whom are children.

  European children utanamedrovesi attractions are full of presence.

  "Firefly" - to operate 36 amusement ride including 8 children, 17 and 11 Family Extreme. It is located in a slot machine hall and children's Labyrinth "Happy Town"

Also bowling.

  2 also serves guests open the pizzeria, coffee house, bar and seven trade booth.

  This year, the "Firefly" guests service to 15 June to 19 September.